Kaleng Smoker Lebah

This is a new bee smoker made with stainless steel with a heat shield and cowhide leather bellows. The heat shield protects the user from touching the hot canister. Part of the heat shield has a hook so it can hang on the side of an open hive box or honey super. There is a floor spacer to provide an air pocket at the bottom of the smoker body to ensure good air flow.



  • Material: Stainless steel + bahan kulit¬†+¬†kayu
  • Heat shield: Protective guard around smoker to prevent burns.
  • Perforated removable fire base plate: provide air pocket at bottom of smoker to ensure good air flow
  • The convenient hook allows you to set it aside and working safely
  • Handy Hook/Lid Opener
  • Brilliant combustion properties
  • Leather bellow
  • Smoker Height: approx. 23.5cm
  • Smoke chamber diameter: approx. 10.5cm