Psychrometer With Maximum and Minimum Thermometer + Holder

Plus two like thermometers and holder T23 UG14 with maximum and minimum thermometer

No. 28/2 Psychrometer, August-Type (as per fig. c)
Tripod complet with mechanical ventilating device for both thermometers (without thermomters),consisting of:
No. T23 UG25
No. T23 UG06
No. T23 UG09A
No. T23 UG16
No. T23 UG01
No. 31L/8
No. T23 UG21
No. T23 T090

1 large mechanical aspirator, only
2 thermometer enveloping tubes with cemented-on threaded rings
1 holder for large aspirator
1 holder for thermometer
1 tripod with bar
1 muslin sleeve
1 set of 3 stoppers
1 moistening glass